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Discover what Money for Life is all about. I hope you join me.

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Discover what Money for Life is all about. I hope you join me.

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Episode Transcription

It’s never been about the money.

It’s always been about the life the money facilitates.

So how do we get the most happiness from our money?


Hi, I’m Matt Hern and welcome to Money for Life.

Money is one of the key resources we have to facilitate a life we love.

But I bet that like me you were never taught how to manage your money well, so naturally, like most of us you’ve probably taken cues from the culture around you.

And our first world, consumer culture promises happiness and success through working harder, to earn more and to own bigger and better stuff.

I feel that serious cracks have appeared in that promise and the hustle for more is also costing our precious time and our wellbeing.


For example, can you think of someone who is earning much more than they used to, has nicer stuff and a more glamorous lifestyle, yet to you they don’t seem to be any happier? If fact they may appear to be more stressed and unhappy.

Yes, I can think of someone too, I can think of many people – and at times that’s me.

I’m convinced it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m convinced that we can learn to make different choices with our money - choices that create joy, not stress.


In Money for Life I’ll explore how to engage in new ways with how you earn, spend and manage your money, so we can all move well beyond surviving to flourishing.


Here’s a little bit about me…


Ever since my angsty teenage years I have been fascinated by human nature to learn how we can achieve the abundant potential for joy and contribution that I believe we are all born with.

You would think that fascination may have led to a career in social sciences, like psychology perhaps.

Actually, for nearly 20 years I’ve been working as a financial planner and money coach, advising people on the right money decisions to afford a life that lights them up.

It turns out, making good money decisions is mostly about human behaviour.

Each episode I’ll blend insights from social science and personal finance to explore how you can get greater quality of life from your money.


If it’s more joy that you seek rather than more stuff I’d love it if you join me in Money for Life.