Money for Life

A podcast about how you can get greater quality of life from your money and afford a life that lights you up!

Our first world, consumer culture promises happiness and success through working harder to earn more to own bigger and better stuff.
I feel that serious cracks have appeared in that promise and the hustle for more is also costing our precious time and our wellbeing.

I’m convinced it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m convinced that we can learn to make different choices with our money - choices that create joy, not stress.

Blending insights from social science with personal finance I explore how to engage in new ways with how you earn, spend and manage your money.

It's time to move well beyond surviving. It's time to flourish!

I'm money coach, Matt Hern and I'd love it if you join me on this journey to Money for Life.

For a deeper insight, I invite you to listen to the trailer.

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